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Carta viajante após a vitória de Portugal

Julho 14, 2016
Ainda a viver no rescaldo da alegria de Portugal ser campeão europeu sentia a necessidade de expressar a todos os viajantes um pouco deste meu Portugal… Especialmente porque poucos apoiavam o meu país! E quando assistia aos jogos Portugal nunca era o favorito! Cristiano coloca-nos bem e mal na boca do mundo…

Dear friends,
Thanks for your messages of congratulations to Portugal! I appreciated a lot! Even knowing that most of you were not big fans of Portugal, specially because of Cristiano Ronaldo. I can understand that you don’t like his attitude inside of the camp, that seems very rude and immature. I don’t like either. But most of the portuguese, including me, we do love the way he loves football and how he lived all his life to conquer his place in the most evil world, that it’s football!
Cristiano is the proof that a child very poor, that lived in a small village of nowhere can reach the top of the world. Yes, it’s true! Ronaldo was born in a small island of Portugal, his mother didn’t planned to get pregnant of him (he is the last son of a family with 4 children) and she did a big effort to survive and to provide a good education to all. His father had alcohoolic problems but his mother was always the force that create the “winner”! Ronald moved to the capital when he was 12 years old. Since then he had to work hard all his life to get where he is now!!
Cristiano has an atitude of a child that loves to play football and he wants to win all the time. He is very genuine in his attitude because he knows exactly how he is. And, he doesn’t need to lie and cover his feelings in any circumstance. People may like it or not, he is one of the most transparent player in the world.  You just look at him and you will know his feelings.
This european was very atypical! Portugal, as usual, had to fight against all the social critics and arrogance. Football is a game of strategy, improbabilities and luck. We never give up! At the end, the team was strong enough to lead with Ronaldo injury and we won the final with the strength that Ronaldo was putting on his colleges.
We had luck, we faced all the obstacles, we had a good strategy and… At the end, we deserved to win this European! This Euro the portuguese team raised from the scraps and showed the world that an united team can do magnificent things!
I’m so happy even more traveling far away from Portugal!!! After this day, the new friends know a little more about Portugal and people congratulate me in every corner!

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